Building Maintenance: Researches and reviews all work required to maintain and improve the Church Building and / or property.

Cemetery: In the spirit of continuing the unity and harmony of our church community, the cemetery committee is researching the feasibility of having a dedicated section of 3 to 5 acres at a local cemetery and / or establishing a burial section at Saint Barbara.

Festival: Our annual Saint Barbara's Festival is held on the last weekend in September. Volunteers, as always, are needed before, during, and after the festival. Please contact the church office to give your time and efforts for Saint Barbara.

Stewardship: Financial membership at Saint Barbara Church is through designated offering. Our pledge is a commitment to devote a portion of our abilities, time, resources and services to the Church. Members are asked to make a designated contribution that reflects their best effort to return to the Lord that which belongs to him. The ministries are provided through our Church parishioners. Support of the membership program is vital to the maintenance and development of all programs, as well as the facilities that house them. Your support helps to strengthen our parish in all of its endeavors.

Memorial: The responsibilities of this committee is to find a new location, design the memorial garden and determine the cost.

Pangari: Maintains pangari, collection trays, and order in the church on Sundays, religious holidays and whenever else needed.

Scholarship: Over $10,000.00 is contributed annually through the efforts of fund-raising by our scholarship committee. These monies will be awarded at the conclusion of the school year.

Members of Saint Barbara are reminded that financial membership is through a designated offering along with our pledge to commit and devote a portion of our abilities, time, resources and services to the Church. Please contact us today and join one or more of these committees.

Our Faith

The Church
The life of the Orthodox Church perpetuates and fulfills the ministry of Jesus Christ. The close association between Christ and His Church is reflected in the images from the Scriptures which declare that Christ is the Head and the Church is His Body, and that Christ is the Bridegroom and the Church is His bride. Learn more»