Acolytes (Altar Boys): Assist the clergy and receive keen insight into the beauty and importance the Divine Liturgy can leave in their lives. The young boys who serve the Altar begin at 8 years old and go through high school. This experience of serving in the Altar also gives them an opportunity to spend time with the Priest and learn about the various Liturgical Services throughout the year.

Choir / Chanters: Offers fellowship to those parishioners wishing to sing God's praises on Sunday, and learn Church music.

FAITH (Pre-K), HOPE (K-2nd grade) & JOY (3rd-5th grade) Ministries: The mission of FAITH, HOPE & JOY is to strengthen your child’s relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through fun and creative activities which focus on worship, witness, service and fellowship, children will build a foundation of faith and begin to understand Orthodox Christianity. We encourage parents to embrace the mission of FAITH, HOPE & JOY by reading the Bible with your children at home and bringing them to church on Sundays. We welcome children of all faiths to attend FAITH, HOPE & JOY Nights! Lessons are taught from an Orthodox Christian perspective.  The positive teachings of The Orthodox Faith can provide a moral foundation to guide children throughout their lives.

GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth of America): JRs. 6 - 8th graders; SRs. 9 - 12th gradersThey are ambassadors of Christ that participate in worship, fellowship, service, outreach, and volunteerism.   The teenagers are encouraged to become more involved in parish life and service to the local and global community. They meet several times a month with their advisors in order to plan sport schedules, community outreach, social outings, religious lectures, retreats, Greek dancing and various other social and religious events. They participate in sports such as basketball, volleyball, and Olympics. They witness their faith through charitable community activities such as Bridges, fundraising, volunteerism, and on the global scale through mission trips.

Greek Afternoon School: Offers classes for children.

Greek Dance: Teaches our young people the traditional dances of Greece.

Internet Ministries: Online service to communicate all functions of our Parish.

Kali Parea: a non-profit organization of senior citizens and retirees who meet every Wednesday from 11:00 am to 4:00pm for an afternoon of fellowship at the same time supporting and helping our church with its needs. The first Wednesday of each month is a short business meeting to advise the membership of upcoming events as well as other church news. The third Wednesday of each month we celebrate the birthdays of those born that month.

Marriage Seminar: Pre-marital counseling with Father Paul for all couples planning to get married at Saint Barbara. Special focus on interfaith marriages.

Philoptochos: Is the ladies philanthropic society of our church. It is devoted to providing aid to those in need; the poor, the destitute, the aged, the infirm, and all those who may need the help of the church. Its fundraising events highlight the social life of the parish.

PTO: The parent, teachers organization is made up of all the mothers who have their children in the Sunday School and Greek School, as well as in the various youth organizations of the parish. They are mainly responsible for the fund-raising events for the youth as well as, for outings to various places which would enhance their learning and religious experiences.

Stewardship: Financial membership at Saint Barbara Church is through designated offering. Our pledge is a commitment to devote a portion of our abilities, time, resources and services to the Church. Members are asked to make a designated contribution that reflects their best effort to return to the Lord that which belongs to him. The ministries are provided through our Church parishioners. Support of the membership program is vital to the maintenance and development of all programs, as well as the facilities that house them. Your support helps to strengthen our parish in all of its endeavors.

Sunday School: is held for children from pre school through high school ages, thus providing an introduction to Christian fellowship as well as instructions in their faith.

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