Mission Statement

To bring communication between all child related services such as Greek Dancing Beginner/Intermediate and Greek School and Sunday School.  To raise funds to be spent on services for the children's classrooms, equipment, costumes and any items that may be needed.  We sponsor and fund raise for the interest of the children at Saint Barbara Church.  

2023-2024 Officers

President - Matina Oliver
Vice-President - Jillian Tzounos
Secretary - Politimi Mackres
Treasurer - Suzanne Misthos

Important Dates:

September 22nd- 24th: Saint Barbara Annual Greek Festival. Please volunteer your time to help us at our Lemonade/Frappe Stand. We need all hands on deck.

October 1st: Youth Ministry Open House and PTO Sponsored Coffee Hour

December 18th - Christmas Brunch

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PTO President: Matina Oliver
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