Parish Athletic Center

The Saint Barbara Parish Athletic Center (Saint Barbara PAC) is a 10,000 square foot athletic and entertainment venue to rent.  It is meticulously maintained and cleaned for a great presentation.  

The PAC can be set up and utilized for the following: 

  • Six half-courts for basketball workouts or clinics
  • Two full courts with a floor to ceiling curtain to keep each game independent with separate scoreboards and clocks for each game to utilize simultaneously
  • One NBA-size full court with 500-seat retractable bleachers
  • Two separate volleyball courts with certified nets and markings
  • One single volleyball court to be used for tournament finals, championship games or any game requiring a professional-grade setting
  • A massive retractable stage to be used for shows, concerts or any auditorium style event

Other Features: 

  • Two spotless locker rooms with bathrooms for your male and female athlete's use or your home and visitor teams to use separately
  • Balcony section for your film personnel to have an unobstructed view of the court
  • Concert-quality sound system for Public Address or music
  • Option to use the Parish Hall for overflow crowd or dining facilities
  • And much, much more!

Please call Denise Galazzo at 908-596-0470 or email her at for more info, to check availability or to book an event or seasonal club! Thank you!

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