From The Desk of Father Paul - 9/28/20

My beloved of Saint Barbara, 
Our 3 day drive thru food festival has come to an end. As always, we began this event with prayer asking for The Holy Spirit to guide us in this undertaking. Those who volunteered witnessed the work of The Holy Spirit. Our undertaking was a work of love, cooperation, labor, all for His glory. It was a weekend of success in many different ways. We were successful with many volunteers from so many parishioners, many new faces as well. All of our ministries were well represented and worked so very well together. Our Parish Council members were present the entire weekend, and even in the days prior, preparing for the event. Our philoptochos ladies baked whatever they could, and even Friday night after all the koulourakia were sold out!!! Our GOYANS delivered the take outs to the cars; our PTO moms and so many more men and women filled the take out orders under the leadership of Kosta Kontogiannis non stop for all 3 days. Kosta took command and organized almost 2,000 orders making sure that each and every order was filled and delivered to each car within minutes. Unbelievable! Our chefs in the kitchen, our gyro cutters, souvlaki cooks, and loukoumades makers never stopped for a minute. Those who dealt directly with our customers, those who took the orders, the traffic controllers also never had a chance to sit! What an operation especially the first for our parish! I am especially so proud of our “mission control” operations personnel. Two young ladies, Florentina Sergiou Amanda Galazzo. Every single order that came through the order app were handled by them......all on line too! These two young professionals were the brains behind this entire operation. Even when there were phone calls coming in, they handled them with the utmost courtesy and respect. I am so proud of them; I call them my Goyans because they were Goyans only a few years ago. It should give all of us great comfort knowing that our beloved parish of Saint Barbara will always be in good hands. In days to come, our chairs for this event Sotiris Sergiou and Maggie Cousoulis along with our parish council president, Aris Floros will let us know the final profit. God bless them for chairing this event and for their leadership. God bless all of our volunteers and our Saint Barbara Family.
With love in Christ,
Fr. Paul