GOYA Kick-Off Meeting

GOYA Kickoff Meeting 

Sunday, September 20th 

Immediately Following Liturgy 

Parish Hall

Inviting children Seventh Grade and 12 years old and their parents 

Dear Parents & GOYANS,

Welcome to our 2020/21 GOYA Year. We plan to hold our kick off meeting right after Liturgy this Sunday where we will review the upcoming calendar and discuss the year ahead. Please attend as we have a lot to review especially as we plan our events around COVID-19 and ensuring the safety and well being of all our GOYANS and families.
The meeting will be held in the hall so bring and wear your mask throughout the meeting and please come prepared to complete the GOYA Registration Forms, Health Forms and to pay the GOYA Registration fee.
Thank you,
Mr. Sotiris Sergiou & Mrs. Denise Galazzo