Sunday School Message

Dear Parents,  
We hope this message finds you well! As we approach the beginning of the 2020-2021 Sunday School Year, we have been very busy developing a program that will benefit all of our families.  
This year all Sunday School Classes will meet virtually on Zoom. Classes will be offered during the week in the evenings – each class meeting at a different day and time as follows:  
Preschool & Kindergarten – Tuesdays 7pm – First Day of Class is October 6th 
1st Grade – Thursdays 7pm – First Day of Class is October 8th  
2nd & 3rd Grade – Mondays 7pm – First Day of Class is October 5th  
4th & 5th Grade – Wednesdays 7pm – First Day of Class is October 7th  
6th through 9th Grade – Wednesdays 8pm – First Day of Class is October 7th  
10th through 12th Grade – Thursdays 8pm – First Day of Classes is October 8th  
These classes will meet every other week and will last approximately 30-45 minutes. On the off weeks there will be a video and/or family activity to be completed. All materials for virtual class and family activities will be available in the church office for pick up. Materials for the weeks of October 4th through November 29th will be available for pick up starting September 20th.  
Each month there will be an additional activity or program in church for students to attend with their families. This month Father Paul will bless the backpacks of our students on September 6th.   
Please remember to register your children as only those students who are registered will be sent the Zoom links. You can register online using the following link:
As we further finalize the programs please check our Social Media for the latest news, updates, and lessons. 
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Instagram: Saint Barbara Sunday School (@stbarbarasundayschool
If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact Pam Cousoulis at 732-859-4320. 
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