Sunday School Staff

Sunday School Staff


Our Saint Barbara Sunday School Staff, under the spiritual guidance of Father Paul Pappas, make up a loving community dedicated to our children through the service of our Lord.


Preschool & Kindergarten

Pam Cousoulis

Olga Gkoutas

Stephanie Koerner

Pres. Donna Pappas

Maria Vogiatzidakis


1st and 2nd Grade

Anthony Lines 

Sharon Lines

Georgette Twiggs


3rd through 5th Grade

Amanda Galazzo

Maria Vlahos


Middle School (6th through 8th Grade)

Rita Kelly

Ana Tsapatsaris


High School (9th through 12th Grade)

Dr. Sophia Nichols-Karakoglou



Lauren Galazzo

Maria Karagias

Elaine Peters