Tree of Life

The Tree of Life project is an effort that allows parishioners and guests to memorialize loved ones, meaningful milestones, and heartfelt sentiments while contributing to the elimination of our mortgage.  The project was launched in the Spring of 2017 at which point our mortgage was approximately $1,450,000.  As of January 2020 the mortgage balance is just under $900,000.  Due to the overwhelming support from our Saint Barbara family, the Tree of Life has played a major role in reducing our debt.  In addition to providing a tremendous financial benefit to our community, the Tree of Life is a stunning presentation of tribute.  The floor to ceiling granite wall provides an impressive background to the hand carved mahogany tree, pure white Corian doves, and shiny brass leaves and plaques.  The elements come together perfectly to provide a display worthy of the names and messages that are presented.

For more information or if you are interested in making a donation to the Tree of Life please contact Solon Karakoglou at

Tree of Life Order Form
Tree of Life Brochure